Who We Are

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Who We Are

Personnel Ferrosafe currently maintains a full-time staff of over 30 employees. We also maintain a steady stream of qualified applicants thanks to our dedicated human resources manager, Marianna Boggs. Should the amount of work we are awarded require additional personnel, we plan to first re-assign current employees and supplement those efforts by training additional personnel according to the systemic processes outlined in documents we send to you during the beginning stages of a job.

Our field staff includes field managers and quality-check specialists who provide ground level day-today guidance and supervision in addition to their work duties.

On the mechanical side, when required by project-sensitive concerns, we utilize a deep bench of contractors with special areas of expertise. We also supplement our mechanical field staff by having interns from natural resources schools at nearby universities work under the direct guidance of our field managers. This practice has afforded us the opportunity to grow our team by placing well-rounded and knowledgeable people in permanent positions within our organization.

Each member of our field staff spends upwards of 100 hours working directly alongside a manager, and each Ferrosafe crew includes operators licensed in pesticide and herbicide application. All of our employees undergo background checks and safety training in compliance with Class I requirements such as eRailsafe, RWP safety training and railroad contractor orientation courses.

We believe that safety is the first and most important consideration in every project, and we operate accordingly.

The below listed personnel are directly involved in operations management with many years of experience in pesticide applications in environments such as that presented by your company. All of our applicators carry appropriate licenses .

We are members of the National Railroad Contractors Association, allowing our team of applicators to attend these meetings each year in Indianapolis, Indiana, where they receive continued education as required by the states that they are licensed in. Each of our applicators also attend internal training sessions by our company to provide other levels of education dealing with specific needs.

Several states also hold educational classes which our personnel attend when applicable. In addition, our company holds licenses in each state of operations as required by the state, along with all needed permits required to legally and safely perform services in all states of operations.

John Rumble, Chairman of the Board

John has a long history of over 45 years in the vegetation control market. As the chairman he continues to challenge the company towards a higher level of excellence and ethics and with his many years of experience offers counsel and direction for the board of directors.

Jason Rumble, Chief Operating Officer

Jason is involved in all day-by-day direct communications with the management staff, railroad personnel, and supply companies, working to ensure that all operations are performed in a safe, smooth and efficient manner. Jason has been with the company for approximately 8 years.

Dennis Worley, Director of Safety

As Safety Director, He oversees the safety and compliance of all operations including: DOT, chemical handling and storage, railroad spraying, brush cutting abatement, and OSHA. He also conducts weekly safety meetings, publish monthly safety letters, oversees the training of new hire employees and the recertification of existing employees.

Blue Akers, Chief Financial Officer

Blueensures that the companies administration systems, funding and reporting are adequate in order to support operational capacity required at all levels of the company. He has over 30 years of executive financial experience.

Jacob Cover, Office manager

Jacob works to keep a smooth and effective flow of paperwork between staff, railroad personnel and other affected parties. He also handles all phases of accounting and other necessary documentation needed to keep clear documentation between company and railroad.

Ferrosafe provides commercial vegetation management services to the transportation and industrial sectors. With operations offices located in Washington, California, Alabama and Arizona and other assets strategically positioned based on customer needs, we can provide service across North America.

Ferrosafe strives to differentiate itself in the industry by approaching vegetation management with a customer-oriented, flexible perspective that complements operational capabilities with strategic planning.

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