Providing Contract Management solutions to your next project is how Ferrovia helps maintain railway and DoT infrastructure and keep America moving.

Contract Management

Ferrovia provides management of DoT and railroad contracts, works with a variety of subcontractors to meet all the extensive needs of our clients and have national capabilities and the assets to complete the task. Our company is staffed by the most experienced professionals in the field who know how important timeliness and competence is to our clients. By this standard, we strive to efficiently and effectively maintain our contracts and resolve the needs of our clients.

Railroad Services

We specialize in railroad vegetation management, preventative maintenance, and dust control. Using trusted and proven subcontractors, we are able to utilize extensive resources to work nationwide. We have years of experience working with Class 1, shortline and commuter railroads. By maintaining their infrastructure safely and efficiently, we allow passengers and freight to be moved across North America.

Ferrovia helps manage railside and roadside brush and debris. Hover over the images below for before and after comparisons of some of our recent projects.

Ferrovia’s nationwide reach and ample assets allow us to tackle any project and accomplish any task. We are confident in our ability to serve our clients.

Excellence in Performance

Each project is meticulously managed and designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers. By efficiently devoting the necessary resources to any given job, we at Ferrovia can tackle any job that comes our way. We pride ourselves with not only our dedicated work, but our ability to provide premier customer service.

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Ferrovia has partnered with companies like Ferrosafe to offer vegetation management options that are both economical and cost-efficient. This partnership has been one of the most effective means to accomplish all of our goals for our customers. This partnership helps our clientele not only save money, but time as well.

Ferrovia is able to differentiate ourselves from the competition, not just by our quality customer service team, but by our ability to mean every vegetation management need possible.

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