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Ferrosafe is a eco-friendly, environmentally safe vegetation management company, serving industries like railroads, departments of transportation, utilities, and pipelines. All of these industries require strict, government-approved standards of quality control and carbon-footprint impacts. We at Ferrosafe pride ourselves in working safely and efficiently from start to finish. From purchasing chemicals and equipment, all the way to application of herbicide, Ferrosafe is committed to excellence in every area of vegetation management.

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Our commercial applicators are experienced in all aspects of the vegetation control industry, offering programs that provide verification of quality and meet all established requirements while performed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  We consult with individual clients to develop specific prescriptions for their unique vegetation management needs, and to modify such programs as needed to meet specific challenges and requirements.  By achieving these goals, RAW meets or exceeds clients’ expectations while abiding by all regulations unique to their regions.


Grayhawk Midwest provides commercial vegetation management on a national level with a focus on serving the transportation industry.

Railroad Vegetation Management (RVM) provides herbicide application services for Class 1 railroads, short line railroads and industrial companies.

Renkoski Vegetation Services (RVS) is a multi service vegetation management company, headquartered in Sidney, Ne. RVS services include industrial vegetation management, transmission, and distribution cutting, as well as Right-of-Way mowing. RVS has major partners in more than twenty states.